Friday, Jan. 19, 2018
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Publication of A REGAL ROMANCE in 2008 resulted in a wealth of feedback. I even had the delightful experience of being contacted by family members from different parts of the world, whom I knew about but had never met. They sought me out after having heard about the book. Others contacted me because they, or people they knew, had lived through the same historical period in the countries which my book describes. They shared with me their anecdotes, photos, archives etc
Website has been created as a memory bank to preserve this new memorabilia and archive material. There seems to be an increasing appetite and interest in matters past. More and more people realise that, with passage of time, memories and experiences become more precious than possessions. More and more people appear to be writing their family histories and thus a composite historical picture of our community is beginning to appear.
Websites generally promote goods or services. Or they provide information on everything under the sun. A personal website such as this one does neither. This website invites the reader to share reminiscences, photographs and archive material as seen through the author’s perspective. It is inevitable therefore that there is immoderate use of personal pronouns such as I, me, my, our etc. This is an embarrassment, although I don’t know how to get around this. There is always the ‘delete’ button though!!!!

There are other compelling arguments for recording memories for posterity. Memories get corrupted as people age. People in my age group, sitting in their departure lounges, waiting for flights to be announced, are increasingly prone to dementia, Alzheimer’s and of course that final erasure of all memory – death.
The Photo-Journalism Section consists of archive photos with benefit of historical and anecdotal narrative. Also included are recent essays, some commissioned and published by A fascinating site for those interested in Ismaili history, culture etc.
I thank the number of people who have helped me in this project. Special thanks to grandson IMRAN JANMOHAMED who has literally dragged me into the 21st Century – technologically – and without whose inspiration and constant help this website could never have been.
Many of you will also have visited which replaced Volume IV of Cynical Wisdom.
-ameer janmohamed-
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    This web-site is in, place of the long anticipated (!) Volume IV of "AKJ Collection of Cynical Wisdom". Volume I was published in 2004, Volume II in 2006 and Volume III in 2009.Some three thousand printed copies...
    Aptly titled, "A Regal Romance and Other Memories", this book is a fascinating journey of a well-known and respected individual, who spent a major part of his life in Mombasa, finally settling in London in 1972.
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